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3 amazing fatty foods that are good for you!

1. Dark Chocolate
One or two small squares of dark chocolate (over 75%) can satisfy
sweet cravings and will not send your blood sugar levels through
the roof.
Dark chocolate is plentiful in anti-oxidants and has been shown
to lower blood pressure along with many other health benefits.

2. Coconut Milk, & Oil
Coconut flour and oil (and milk) contain lauric acid which is a
powerful nutrient for your immune system. It contains a healthy
fat which your body can easily use for energy.
Coconut oil is also good for cooking with at high temperatures,
unlike many other oils.

3. Real Butter
Real 100% butter is not only smooth and delicious, but is
full of healthy nutrients and does not need to be excluded from
your diet.
Grass fed butter has been shown to have anti-cancer properties,
helps fight inflammation, balances hormones and helps satisfy your
 By the way,margarines are not butter!

There we have it. Three foods that are considered to be 'fatty' but
are healthy for us.